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Thank you for your continued support of Wilson College! As you know, the Board of Trustees will reconvene on January 13, 2013 to consider President Mistick's recommendations, which include making Wilson fully coeducational. During the past few months, the President, Commission, and Trustees have received our messages and offers of assistance. Now we have to show them what we can do!

This message is to announce a new fundraising initiative launched by alumnae to kindle the flame of belief in Wilson's ability to thrive as a women's college: the Double It! Matching Fund. This is your chance to double the value of your gift to Wilson!

A group of alumnae who prefer to remain anonymous will match, dollar-for-dollar unrestricted gifts to the Wilson Fund of $50 or more.* We realize that $50 can be a stretch for some of us, but think about it: Wilson needs our help now. If we can present Wilson with a substantial cash gift as a "show of good faith" by January 10, 2013, the Board of Trustees will know that Wilson Women and Friends of the college can demonstrate tangible support in a very short period of time. Just imagine what we could do if the Board votes to keep Wilson a women's liberal arts college for at least the next three years!

Please see the Double It! Matching Fund page for more information about how to make your contribution to this special fundraiser. If you are unable to use the Pines and Maples website, simply reply to this email for more information. And, if you are able to donate $1,000 or more as seed money for the fund, please contact us at

If you believe Wilson should remain a women's college, now is the time to invest in that belief!

Firmly pledged to love and honor...

Kendal Hopkins '80
Nicole Noll '03
Carol Noon '87

* Gifts of $1,000 or more will qualify as matching funds.