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Double It!

To those of you who donated to the Double It! Matching Fund, thank you again for your generosity! The final tally shows that, over 26 days in December and January, you contributed $81,808! The College has been under the misconception that alumnae from the last 30 years do not give. You have unquestionably shown them otherwise. Some stats we thought you might like to know: Double It! demonstrated that Wilson women from all generations stand by our alma mater. You truly exceeded all expectations. Thank you!

Wilson College in the News

Several things have happened in the past few weeks since the Board of Trustees voted on January 13 to make Wilson coeducational across all programs. Reactions and responses to the Board's vote have been swift, more information about the Commission process that led up to the vote has come to light, and we thought you might be interested in the following articles. A more comprehensive list of articles and letters to the editor is available in the News section of the Pines & Maples website.

Alumnae Initiatives to Support Students

In the past two weeks, a number of alumnae have stepped up to do some lovely things for current Wilson students. Alumnae coordinated these efforts through Wilson's Director of Alumnae Relations, Marybeth Famulare, who has been very helpful. Valentines made for Wilson Students by Carol Parssinen ’82. Wilson students excited about their Girl Scout cookies.
Photo credits: Wilson College

Legal Challenge to the Board's Vote on Coeducation

Gretchen Van Ness ’80, who was a Trustee from 2001-2010, made the following announcement on February 17:
“Since January 13th, many have been asking whether there is a legal basis to challenge the Board of Trustees' decision. Tonight I can tell you that counsel has been retained and is evaluating the basis for a legal challenge to this decision. The outcome of the legal evaluation will depend, in part, upon whether the Board of Trustees decides to reconsider the coed vote at its upcoming meeting on February 21-23. If the co-ed decision is reversed, or is tabled by the Board and proper evaluation and independent review of the decision taken, the Board may avoid legal action. Preparations are underway should the Board fail to reconsider the decision.”
For updates, please visit the Wilson College Women group on Facebook. Petition

A group of alumnae has generated a petition asking the Wilson College Board of Trustees to reverse their decision to make Wilson coeducational. At the time of this mailing, 671 people have signed the petition and many have commented as to why they want Wilson to remain a women's college. Here are two comments, one from an alumna long devoted to Wilson and one from a member of the current senior class:
“I worked on the group that saved Wilson last time around. Now that I am in my 90's, I do not have the energy to lead the fight again. However, I believe in Women's education more strongly than ever.”
~Julia Billings Crothers, Class of 1938
“A 143 year old mission changed in under 9 months without feasibility studies, without consideration of the consequence to our education as women in [sic] abhorrent. That I was told by an administrator that the decision has ‘nothing to do with the merits of a women's college’ is repugnant. The education that a women [sic] receives at an women's college is different than what she would receive at a coeducational institution: she is more likely to continue on to her masters degree, there are more opportunities for leadership positions, and are more likely to succeed in areas traditionally underrepresented by women such as politics, sciences, and mathematics. By signing this petition, I am not declaring myself a ‘man-hater’ as many of us have been called over the last several months, I am advocating for my right to the most beneficial education for myself and other women.”
~Ariel Huffman, Class of 2013
These and 200+ other comments can be read on the petition webpage. Anyone can sign the petition, regardless of her/his affiliation (or lack thereof) with Wilson.

The Pines & Maples team believes that Wilson's best possible future is as a women's college, and we are working on a proposal that outlines how Wilson can thrive as a women's college. We encourage you to think carefully about what Wilson means to you and act in accordance with what you believe is best for her future and future generations of young women.

Firmly pledged to love and honor...

Deborah Barnes ’71
Melissa Behm ’76
Kendal Hopkins ’80
Nicole Noll ’03
Carol Noon ’87

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